Commercial and residential building called Graf Zeppelini Maja - Lai street 15 & 15A.

The new, modern residential and commercial building complex of Graf Zeppelin Maja will enrich the heart of Pärnu in 2021. When the first half of the building (Lai 15) is completed, then the second half (Lai 15A) of the constructions will be finished in 2022 - the whole complex will be called Graf Zeppelin Maja. The most elegant building in Pärnu offers both spacious city apartments and investment opportunities. We are located in the heart of Pärnu, in a rapidly developing working and living environment.

Commercial areas will be on the 1st floor, and apartments of different sizes are planned for the 2nd to 4th floors. In the historical building, we offer apartments with spacious terrace access and it is possible to have a 180 ° view of the Pärnu River and the city.


What inspired the name of Graf Zeppelin Maja?

One of the principles ​​of our company is timelessness, it means we create developments that glimpse into the future and respect historical values. Searching for a suitable name for the apartment complex, we got acquainted with the exciting historical events concerning our beloved Pärnu.

We knew that the new building would significantly enliven the city center, raising our eyes to the sky in the same way as the airship Graf Zeppelin, which passed over the center of Pärnu in the 1930s.

The peaceful airship that was supposed to fly over on August 12, but was postponed due to bad weather conditions, was in the end piloted by Captain Flemming on September 24, 1930.

The airship was built by a German, Count General Ferdinand von Zeppelin, who was one of the pioneers of aviation and who began building passenger aircraft and zeppelins.

The airship’s voyage started on September 23 from Friedrichshafen with a stopover in Berlin, from where a course was set to Riga and from there along the seafront to Pärnu.

Newspapers of that event claim that many people were ready at ten o’clock in the morning to catch the airship sailing in the sky, but it was not until almost twelve o’clock that the airship was finally visible. The airship with an altitude of approximately 300 made a few passes over the city center of Pärnu.

It was claimed that people were on the roof and in parks and streets when life stood still for a few minutes when something extraordinary sailed across the sky.

Iris Abdullajev - VP Kinnisvara müügiesindaja


Iris Abdullajev +372 5558 8889


Iris Abdullajev +372 5558 8889

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